Kull Youth Center

Looking for a place at the Jersey Shore to host your next retreat or event? Located just two blocks from the world-famous beaches and boardwalk in New Jersey’s family resort community, the Ocean City Tabernacle’s Kull Youth Center is open for event rentals and retreats throughout the year.

Why Choose the Ocean City Tabernacle’s Kull Youth Center?

The Ocean City Tabernacle Youth Center is place where you can escape from the noise and take time to listen to the voice of God. It is so easy to be consumed by the pace of our current culture, but once you arrive at our facilities and take that first walk on the beach, your heart and soul will be refreshed by God’s beauty found in His creation.

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Facilities and Amenities

What do we have to offer? Room to worship, play, eat, and relax…
plus much more! Check out our great accommodations and
on-site activities available for your group or event.

Nearby Off-Site Activities

Looking for great local cuisine, exciting fun & games,
unique shopping, or just a day on the beach?
You’re just blocks away from it all!


What can you expect during your visit?
Listen to what these other leaders have to say
about their experience at the Kull Youth Center!

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