History of the Ocean City Tabernacle

In 1879, four Methodist ministers (Ezra B. Lake, James Lake, S. Wesley Lake and William Burrell) purchased Peck’s Beach to create a Christian seaside resort and camp meeting place. The men formed the Ocean City Association, which mapped out the town, building streets, bridges, infrastructure, railroads, schools and the Tabernacle itself. Reverend Burrell wrote in 1881, “We consecrate another portion of this coast to the service of God, and for the best interests of humanity… where a Christian family may pleasantly and profitably spend the heated term.”

Today, the Ocean City Tabernacle continues to uphold the vision of its four founders: that Ocean City remains a pure retreat that exemplifies the spirit, values and faith of Christianity. Over many decades, led by many great visionaries, the Tabernacle has grown to offer year-round concerts, pre-school and after-school programs and other activities in addition to seasonal worship services. With a strong Board of Trustees, the Tabernacle is moving ahead as a Christian witness in Ocean City, bringing the message of Jesus to residents and visitors alike.