2021 Year In Review

Dear Tabernacle Friends,

I pray that you and your family are well as we approach the end of another challenging year. We believe that a crucial purpose our Lord God has in this generation for the Ocean City Tabernacle is to help strengthen families like yours in our community and across our region.

If you were in our Kull Youth Center on the Saturday mornings of October 2 or November 20, you would have experienced an emotional setting where dozens of parents vulnerably discussed their challenges in raising teenagers who struggle with “virtual” friends, internet pornography, vaping, suicidal temptations, and more. We discussed biblical solutions as parents found practical hope and compassionate friends.

We have been privileged during this school year to again serve more than a hundred local school children daily with our mentors who tutor in the Son Club after-school program and our teachers in the ARK pre-school. We also love serving families by providing four weeks of VBS each summer!

On several Sunday mornings in July and August, we hosted well-known marital advisors to speak from God’s answer book and address ordinary and extraordinary challenges in our marriages and other family relationships. An August Saturday conference also focused on reigniting marital love.

God provided faith-filled athletes this summer to inspire men and women as we heard from Darryl Strawberry, David Akers, Ted Winsley, and Dallas Cowboy Chad Hennings. Philadelphia Eagles Chaplain Ted Winsley also challenged OC High School graduates and their families at the baccalaureate ceremony. Darryl Strawberry spoke to hundreds on a Saturday night about overcoming addiction.

Women enjoyed a Saturday Priscilla Evans Shirer simulcast event, as well as a ladies’ brunch where Tanya James shared her compelling story and God’s second chances for each of us. Auntie Anne’s Anne Beiler talked about the “secret lies within” that had ruined her… before God’s mercy.

Perhaps you were one of many blessed by weekly Bible studies – women studying the fruit of the Spirit, men studying the life of Jesus, or men and women walking through the entire Bible.

Thousands of people enjoyed some of our twelve evening concerts by highly gifted, popular musicians. Many enjoyed making memories with friends, date nights, and great family outings!

Please join the Ocean City Tabernacle in helping to strengthen families like yours with a year-end gift! If you wish, you may designate your gift to children’s programs, summer services and concerts, or our updated sanctuary where God’s Word and worship will help strengthen families in our community and across our region.

With much gratitude,

Pastor Jay Reimer, CEO
Ocean City Tabernacle

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Dating back to Ocean City’s earliest beginnings, the mission of the Ocean City Tabernacle has been to serve, support, inspire, strengthen and connect members of the community. As the needs of area residents and visitors have grown, the Tabernacle has grown to meet them with meaningful family-focused programs and uplifting, non-denominational worship services where everyone is made to feel welcome and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is central.